Communications Handbook for Clinical Trials: Strategies, tips, and tools to manage controversy, convey your message, and disseminate results

How to Use this Handbook

The online version of the Communications Handbook for Clinical Trials is designed to make the contents of the original handbook and additional resources accessible in a user-friendly format.

Links to introductory sections of the handbook, the nine chapters, and the resources provided in those chapters can be found in the right-hand corner of the screen in all page views.


Click on Preface in the top right corner to read an introduction by Bishop Desmond Tutu.


This section includes descriptions of the original handbook and the online version.

Links are provided to information about the authors, acknowledgment of the many people who contributed to the handbook, and contact information for providing feedback.


To access a chapter from the main page, click on the title of that chapter or the photo above it.

The titles of the chapters are listed in the left-hand navigation. Clicking on a title there will take you to the chapter and will also open a list of the sections of that chapter. You can move within the chapter by clicking on those section titles.

You can also move from one chapter to another by clicking on a title chapter in the left-hand navigation.

Within each chapter, links to additional tools and resources can be found in the right-hand column. Depending on the chapter, these may include links to:

  • a video clip about topics covered in the chapter
  • a slide presentation and speaker’s notes summarizing the chapter
  • appendices to the chapter


Selected templates shown as examples in the handbook are also provided as blank forms in Word, so that they can be downloaded and adapted as needed. Click on Templates in the top right-hand corner to find a list of these blank templates, which can also be accessed through links in the text.