Clinical trial milestones and parallel communications tasks

Clinical trial milestonesParallel communications tasksIn the handbook
Site identification and development

  • Establish partnerships

  • Upgrade facilities and laboratories

  • Get protocol approved

  • Conduct formative research

Communications planning

  • Develop your budget

  • Conduct your environmental scan

  • Identify your communications team

  • Orient staff to communications procedures

Chapter 2
Site initiation training

  • Good Clinical Practices

  • Ethics orientation

  • Protocol requirements, etc

Develop strategic communications plan (including crisis management and outline of results dissemination plan)

Choose spokespeople; conduct initial media training
Chapter 3
Trial launch: enrollment beginsTrial launch

  • Inform key stakeholders identified in your strategic plan

  • Mention enrollment milestones in trial newsletter or updates to key stakeholders

Chapter 4
Interim data analysisData and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) meets

  • Prepare scenario messaging for all possible review outcomes

  • Inform research colleagues at closely related trials so they can be alert to possible ramifications of DSMB recommendations

  • After reviews are conducted, communicate outcomes to stakeholders

Chapter 4
Data collection completedFinalize results dissemination planChapter 6
Release results

  • Inform authorities

  • Unblind participants

  • Submit scientific papers

Implement dissemination strategy

  • Inform key stakeholders

  • Work with the media

Chapter 6

October 2nd, 2013