Box 9.7

Characteristics of different types of media

Type of MediaCharacteristics (reach, audience, accessibility)
Print media—newspapers and magazines

  • Influential people, such as politicians and policymakers, will often turn to print media for their news

  • Intended for the general public


  • Available to a broad audience

  • Suitable if you want to communicate local information

  • Has an entertainment function but is also a venue for serious discussions

  • Strong ability for interaction with call-in shows


  • May be a medium for serious news or for entertainment, depending on the outlet; some talk shows and news broadcasts are intended to entertain rather than to inform

  • Not as accessible as radio

  • Requires strong visuals to be effective

Internet—online media, blogs, and social media

  • Limited accessibility in developing countries

  • Can quickly disseminate (accurate or inaccurate) information globally